Ouferrat · Enjoy your brand

We are a design and visual communication agency, specialized in creating creative and impactful content, with the sole purpose of getting the product or service to the target and not targeting it. We specialize in adapting content to all digital platforms, thus facilitating its use, understanding and retention.

We present the ShOu reel of our agency, where you can take a quick look at our work, us and our studio.

On the other hand, we want to make Ouferrat a brand with an imprint, which is why we designed our corporate stickers.

Its use is focused on messaging applications (Whatsapp, Telegram…) to generate quick and attractive responses for customers.

With personalized stickers, we can reinforce our visual identity and anyone can send and share it with other contacts.

WhatsApp, used by more than 2 billion users worldwide, is the perfect app to use this brand new strategy.

We have also designed our t-shirts with a friendly air, as well as our business cards, which represent Ouferrat himself.




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